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Sensitivity /Specificity

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8:28 pm
February 20, 2011

Karin Granberg


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I just wondered if anyone has some really good website where the issues sensitivity /specificity are addressed. We use these words so much today, but I constantly forget which one means what. I think ( based upon just rememberance ) that sensitivity is how sensitive a test is to confirm that someone has the problem… but I might be incorrect.

I just wanted to get some "sensitivity /specificity for dummies" to help me remember those issues once and for all.





10:40 am
March 10, 2011

Cameron Hillis


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the new starkey evaluation of orthopedic and athletic injuries book states some of this information after each test.

8:50 pm
March 10, 2011




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Here is a good one from Josh Cleland


Sensitivity:  SnNout A test with high sensitivity and a negative result is good for ruling out a disorder


Specificity: SpPin:  Test with high specificity and a positive result is good for ruling in a disorder


SpPin and SnNout  easy as that!

10:04 pm
March 27, 2011

Karin Granberg


posts 6

Thanks, I liked that . Karin

8:36 am
September 26, 2011

Michael Nanzer


posts 23

Sensitivity is how well the test is at finding a positive result.  (how likely it is to find a problem)

Specificity is how well it is at finding a negative result.  (how likely it is to rule out a problem)


For instance, in 2005 an article by Park stated that the drop arm test (when testing for rotator cuff integrity) is 35% sensitive and 88% specific.  So you can read it as having a 35% chance of finding a RCT by performing the test and getting a positive result.  On the other hand, if you have a negative test, there is a 88% liklihood that there is no RCT.


Wikipedia actually does a decent job explaining this as well.…..pecificity

8:12 pm
October 6, 2012


New Member

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Post edited 8:26 pm – October 6, 2012 by j.liu

Here's a good youtube video for visual learners:


CancerQuest: Medical Testing Sensitivity and Specificity:

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